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Consulting Services

When a "good fit" is found, between a client's needs and our own, we undertake small consulting projects on a subcontract basis. These projects are managed and executed personally by Robert Johnson(resume), our Engineering Manager, President, and owner. Robert is an "old school" engineer and programmer who believes that one engineer is a whole engineer, two engineers are half an engineer, and three engineers are no engineers at all. As used here, the term "small consulting projects" refers to the number of people involved in the project not on its "scope" or "duration".  Robert believes that time spent in meetings coordinating the efforts of, say, the digital hardware design engineer, the analog hardware design engineer, the software design engineer, and the programmer is time not spent in the most desirable way! This is especially so when a problem occurs, and all efforts should be focused on finding a solution and not on debating where blame is placed.
That said, if you have a project that: then we would be more than happy to enter into a discussion of how we might help. (Contact Us).

Scope of our Expertise