A 23 year tradition
of superior products and services
for the embedded system community.

Our History

The Engineers Collaborative, Inc.( TECI ) was founded in 1985 by Robert Johnson, its present owner, and was incorporated in the State of Vermont on May 25, 1987. Initially, 80% of TECI's business was providing consulting services to other companies. This consisted of providing electronic hardware and software design services on a subcontract basis. The remaining 20% of initial activity was spent designing the first single chip microcontroller development system. This product was completed and made available in May of 1988. In 2006 the company changed it's name to GlobalEware.com to better reflect the increasing importance of the Internet on the products we offer and how those products are delivered to our customers.

The company designs, manufactures, and markets single chip microcontroller development systems. TECI supports Motorola's family of 6805, 68HC05 & 68HC11 microcontroller chips. The company continues to provide engineering consulting services to other electronics companies.

TECI's customers are typically companies who use single chip microcontrollers in their products. Since our products are low in cost and high in quality, they are particularly attractive to educational institutions. They are used in courses of study such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, oceanographic studies, and in research.

TECI markets its products worldwide and while most of our customers are small our list of customers include: IBM, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, U.S. Olympic Committee, United Technologies, General Motors, Delco Remy, Ford, General Electric, Martin Marietta, 3M, Boeing, Dow Chemical, McDonnell Douglas, The U.S. and Canadian Governments, U.S.A.F., AT&T Bell Labs, Yale University, Cornell University, University of Massachusetts, University of San Diego, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Purdue University, The University of Sidney Australia, Australian National University and many other well known companies and educational institutions.

Our list of available products and satisfied customers continues to grow. We are continually developing new products many of which have come from customer requests. Our small size allows us to provide excellent customer support and to keep in close touch with our customers.