A 23 year tradition
of superior products and services
for the embedded system community.

Our Philosophy

Our Goal:

The goal of The Engineers Collaborative, Inc. is to be a respected designer, manufacturer and marketer of microcontroller development products to customers worldwide.

Our Methods:

We will pursue this goal by providing products and services of the highest possible quality at a fair price, by genuinely caring about the needs of our customers, suppliers, and co-workers and by conducting day to day business within a framework of high moral and ethical standards.

Our Values:

We believe that enjoyment and satisfaction come not from our own personal achievements (though that certainly is a part of it), but from working in harmony with others towards goals based on shared ideals, and from contributing to the growth of others by sharing our individual skills.

We believe in making profits, not for the sake of profits alone, but profits so that we can afford the luxury of continuing to work as a team on things with which we are all involved, and we believe in profits to secure each of our individual futures and lifestyles.

We believe that our customers are entitled to prompt, courteous and flexible service provided by knowledgeable people and that in the long term we will achieve our goal only if our products and services solve our customers' problems.

We believe that the employer/employee relationship is a mutually beneficial relationship. Every employee is entitled to a rewarding, fulfilling and challenging career and we believe in creating a working environment that encourages employees to use their jobs as a vehicle for personal growth and attainment of their individual goals. On the other hand, it is expected that every employee, in addition to normal duties, take an active interest in the affairs of the company, freely express their ideas on how to improve the work environment and otherwise assume their fair share of responsibility for helping the company attain its goal.

We value each individual's contribution toward realizing our goal. We believe in the individual team member's ability to make a difference. Further we assess a team member's value solely on their contribution toward the achievement of our goal and NOT on sex, race, religion, mannerisms, social preferences, education, personal handicap or any other consideration not pertinent to the attainment of our goal.